It’s time to say hello! Learn our story and join

Published 11 July, 2023. Update: 3 April, 2024.
It’s time to say hello! Learn our story and join

Welcome to We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to our customers as they raise money through collective collaboration. With more than 10 years experience, we have built a reputation for excellence and are committed to exceeding your expectations!

What is

Our journey started in Poland as - the leading crowdfunding site in our country. With 10 years experience, we have established a strong reputation and grown from a small business into a powerful platform uniting hundreds of thousands of Users, who created almost 1 000 000 fundraisers! No matter if you want to make your dream come truesell your product, find patrons for your online work, or launch a charity, you are always welcome on!

- We follow the crowdfunding business all over the world and have always been astonished by one simple fact - the "players" in this sector, including the most recognizable ones, charge high commissions (from 5% to 15%), and in addition, the Organiser of the fundraiser can wait up to 14 days to withdraw the funds raised. Astonishing as it is, it has a simple explanation - all these portals, as far as we know, are not payment processors and use the support of payment service providers or financial institutions to manage all financial issues and KYC/AML. This makes the process of delivering payments to collection Organisers on these platforms long, costly and inefficient in terms of time. This is why we are going out to all collectors in the European Union with our model, which has worked so well in Poland. - says Krzysztof Ilnicki, CTO and vice president of

With great money comes great responsibility. We are aware that there are scammers among the Organisers of online collections. Fortunately, we have ensured a high standard of security by obtaining a license from a Financial Supervision Commission, which allows us to act as the National Payment Institution. This kind of license allows us to provide payment services throughout the European Union. As a Payment Services Provider, we must ensure the safety of the money entrusted to us. Just like on, on you are always sure who you are donating to. If a collection seems suspicious to you, you can report it to our security department. We take each report seriously, and in case suspicions prove correct, the funds collected by the scammer are returned to the Donators.

Over time, our brand recognition began to attract well-known names. Everyone knew what “zrzutka” (“fundraiser” in polish) meant and associated online collections with our site. Fundraises carried out on grew larger and larger, until they reached record results in 2022. That year, journalist Slawomir Sierakowski held the largest fundraiser in our history. He decided to collect money for a Bayraktar (combat drone) for Ukraine. The fundraiser was widely publicized in major Polish media. Many celebrities put up their private belongings or the possibility of a meeting for auction to help collect that money. As a result, Sierakowski raised 24 836 380 zł (~ 5 304 678 €) for the Ukrainian army.

Picture shows Bayraktar for Ukrainians fundraising campaign.


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