How to create a star-quality fundraiser? Learn the secret of successful action and raise money with ease!

Published 11 July, 2023. Update: 29 November, 2023.
How to create a star-quality fundraiser? Learn the secret of successful action and raise money with ease!

We have specially prepared this guide to help you organize a successful fundraiser that will benefit your cause! Discover how to craft essential components of your campaign and maximize your impact in our catalogue.

Creating a fundraiser to raise money and achieve your dreams is a fantastic initiative! To achieve effective fundraising, it's crucial to connect with your target audience, particularly social media users. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are inundating their users with content. When refining your fundraiser, ask yourself: what would capture your attention? Is your fundraiser compelling enough to click on? Today, we'll provide you with tips on how to make it stand out!

First of all - A PICTURE!

The main rule of social media is brutally straight: first, you see the picture, then you're reading the headline, and at the very end, you read the article. An image is your bait - if you want somebody to click your fundraiser, make him do this! A fundraiser without images loses at the start!

Choose images that are relevant to the cause and help tell the story of why you are raising funds. Try to add personal pictures of people that the fundraiser is for. This can help connect Donators with the cause and make it more personal. Be sure to include images that evoke emotion - a smiling child, a cute pet etc

When you share a link to the fundraiser on social media, social network Users will see its preview, including a photo and title. Check how it looks on our Facebook. Pay attention to the images - they are the largest element, so they must be perfect! Check if your one displays correctly and is well-cropped and inviting. If your photo is dark, blurry, and the model is decapitated, no one will click on the link and know your story! 

Piece of advice: Once you've added an image, share your fundraiser on Facebook and check the preview. If anything is wrong, crop it again and again! The work you put in now to improve the look of fundraiser will pay off with future contributions!

Create a masterful headline

You may think that we lacked a bit of modesty, but if you read on, we know what we are doing ;)

But seriously, the headline of your fundraiser is the phrase from the field "goal". The rules for creating good headlines are trivial:

  • The verb in imperative mode is essential. Words like "help", "check", "save" and "meet" encourage people to click and take action. Think about what action you expect Users to take and have them do it! 
  • The shorter, the better, especially with a limited number of characters in the preview. Your goal should contain one essential piece of information. You will tell about the details in the description.
  • Stand out from the crowd! There are plenty of fundraisers with titles like "Help me overhaul my kitchen" or "Help me overcome the disease". It doesn't mean that kinds of fundraisers are worse or less important - just competition is much higher! Therefore, you should create an unique advertising slogan. Time is money, and you are just working for your fundraising success!

Piece of advice: Try experimenting with the form of your headline. We've got a few inspirations for you:

  • Consider what verbs are most often used by collection Organisers. Exclude ones like "help" or "contribute". Try to find less obvious words, as strongly related to the purpose of your fundraiser as possible.

Swap: "Help us travel to a competition" with: "Win a gold medal with us!"

  • Use a hashtag - one word or a cluster of several words written directly after the # sign. It's working great on social media! Makes your collection easy to find and gets extra attention.

Models: #JanevsEndometriosis, #Annie'sHeart, #TeamJohn

  • Or maybe you like rhymes? Short ones are catchy and easy to remember!

Models: "Give a dime, change a life!"; "Give from your heart, make a new start"; "Look at this dog - he thanks you a lot!"

Description in the age of headlines

Did you ever read the comments under a post with a link to the longer article? That's a precious source of information about your audience in social media. Many don't want to read a longer text - they comment on the headline itself! So now, you have to create an engaging description for people, who took your bait. What to do so that they do not stop reading, but pay in?

  • Take care of spelling and punctuation. Cliché? Then try to red this wierd text carefuly and dotn get tired aditionaly remmeber most important informations adn dont got tired. Hard one? So don't do that to your audience!

  • The first paragraph = first impression, and many people wouldn't have time to read further. This part needs to be a masterpiece! Play the strongest cards, grab the reader by the heart, and make him reach for his wallet.

  • Beware the "wall of text"! Even the biggest book lover will not want to read a long, undivided text. Divide your text into subsections, so you won't overwhelm the reader. Such a small change can make your story much easier to read.

  • Bet on multimedia. Intersperse the description with images, videos, graphics... the sky is the limit! Reading from picture to picture is easier and more enjoyable for the recipient than absorbing a long text at once. And there is always the chance that somebody will stop by to read just a snippet, but will find it interesting, so will read the next and the next... 

  • And the most important - always to tell the truth. Ultimately, only the truth will stand up for itself. Your fundraiser will be seen by both strangers and acquaintances. The second ones will be able to catch strange inaccuracies very quickly. They will then let us know, and if our security department catches you lying, we will be forced to terminate your fundraiser.

Piece of advice: If you find our guidelines complicated, try empathising with your audience. Imagine sitting down in your chair after a hard day at work and an intriguing fundraiser pops up on your wall. A good photo and a catchy headline make you click... What would you pay attention to? Which elements will make you stay? Would you be more interested in graphics, films, or text?

This article will help you make a good start. With friends and family support, you can collect even a few thousand! The further goal will require more effort from you. We will discuss this in the future.

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