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Help for poor family

Help for poor family

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
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Born in Kijev Such a life Poverty: will we help the family cling to life?


Poverty: Will we help the family cling to life?

People's lives unfold in different ways. Although efforts are made, not always and not everyone has enough experience, understanding and knowledge on how to create a better life for themselves and their children. Andrius and Ingrida from the village of (Pandel.), who are raising four young children, fell into such a situation.

As much as they can, Andrius and Ingrida take care of themselves.

A poor household comes into view

About family deprivation and the request for help

Povilauskai moved to the village eleven years ago from Kijev district. Lives in own house. They are the ones who cling to life and do not avoid work, although, Andrius admits, they have health problems. By themselves or with helpers, they changed the rotten floor of the kitchen, purchased and installed exterior and hall doors, bricked up the chimney, built a "burzuika" (stove) in the bedroom, which burned out during the first season when heated more vigorously, and performed other works. They are also trying to prepare firewood for the winter themselves. Ingrida takes care of the farm, which has a vegetable garden, rabbits, chickens, two cows, so dairy products are enough. Animals and birds fit in small farm buildings. It's a good thing that the good neighbors allow the cows to graze in the 2 ha meadow, otherwise they wouldn't be able to keep them. Last year, they also raised a bull and a heifer, after selling them they bought shoes and other essential things for the children. For a larger family, the expenses are more, because all four children are students

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