Payment gateway from international, free solution

Published 7 March, 2024. Update: 7 March, 2024.
Payment gateway from international, free solution

Payment gateways are growing in popularity. Although they are mainly associated with e-commerce, we can find more and more of them on the websites of NGOs seeking to raise additional donations. Are you interested in this solution? Before you accept a competitive offer, make sure you don't overpay!

The payment gateway's key advantage is a very high level of security. This undeniably attractive solution comes at a price that can overwhelm a small business or charity. Well, unless we are talking about a free alternative from

Payment gateway system

A payment gateway is a service that enables online payments to be accepted. It allows the customers to donate the way they like - by bank transfer, mobile app or credit card. The payment recipient receives the funds in an account linked to the gateway. The security of the entire process is taken care of by the payment operator, which carefully encrypts all sensitive data.

Although the process described above may seem complicated, it takes seconds to process a payment through the gateway, and the process is extremely intuitive. The customer only needs to select a payment method and authorise the operation.

At, we've taken inspiration from the payment gateway and improved it to make its design and functionality best suit the needs of fundraisers. Do you appreciate the minimalism of a single button? Or perhaps you prefer to showcase your fundraiser on a website? Our widget will meet all the needs. Its security is in no way inferior to payment gateways. The money transfer is just as quick and intuitive. What makes us different is the price and accessibility. The widget can be used by anyone, for free!

Free international payment gateway for fundraisers

You can generate a free widget for any fundraiser organised on The widget acts as a payment gateway designed to meet the needs of fundraising organisers. You can customise it and place it on your blog, website, or in a press release. How to do it?

  1. Go to the fundraiser for which you want to create a payment gateway. Click "more" and select "widget" from the drop-down menu.You can see in the ecard screenshot that the 'more' button is to the right of the fundraiser's photo gallery. When clicked, the 'widget' function appears at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  2. Personalise your widget - choose the size and design and decide whether, when clicked, it will direct the supporter directly to the donation view or perhaps to your fundraiser after all.The animation shows the process of personalising the widget. The available options allow you to customise its width (300 px, 400 px or 100% of the monitor width), height (400 px, 450 px or 500 px) and redirect to the fundraiser or donation view.
  3. Copy the code and place it on your website, blog or in a news article.In the widget generation window, the HTML code is displayed at the very bottom. To copy it, simply click the "copy" button below the text box.

With our solution, you do not have to worry about commission or additional fees. The widget is 100% free, no matter how many places you display it. You raise more effectively because you don't lose anything along the way!

Widget or payment gateway - comparison

Although their functionality is very similar, the two solutions differ in detail, which can be a real game changer for a fundraiser.

Your payment gateway for free

Almost all payment gateways available on the European market charge a percentage commission on deposits. Sometimes a fixed fee of a few tens of pennies per transaction is also added to the commission. If that were not enough, the introduction of the payment gateway itself involves an additional cost, as some payment operators charge new customers a registration fee.

If you want to avoid the costs, try the widget from Our service is 100% free - we don't charge any commission and there is no registration fee. You can start using the widget at any time, and if it doesn't meet your expectations, you can easily cancel it. When you choose a widget, you don't commit to anything - you decide if and how long it will be visible on your website.

Available for WordPress websites

Classic payment gateways are intuitive and accessible to both donors and donation-takers. However, from the perspective of those who want to help by making the gateway available on their website or in an article, things are very different. A service designed for e-commerce is not tailored to this need, as it is rare in this industry. But when we talk about a service designed for fundraising, the case is completely opposed.

You don't even need to have an account on to place the widget of an ongoing fundraiser on your website. This service is available to anyone who wants to help. The relevant HTML code is generated on the page when you choose the parameters of the widget. This ease makes the widget eagerly used by journalists and bloggers. They can help and don't have to worry about charging the Organiser an extra cost!

The payment gateway also for individuals

Many payment operators work only with business customers. And those open to working with individuals offer them different terms and conditions: a higher commission or reduced functionality.

If this is an obstacle for you, start your online payment adventure with our widget! The widget can be generated for any fundraiser running on Whether it is organised by an individual or a legal entity, it works the same and is always free.

You can find our widgets on the websites of foundations, associations and even an independent radio station or magazine. You too raise as you like and don't worry about the extra costs!

Follow our blog and social media channels for the latest tips and advice. Visit our FAQs and other articles to learn more about a successful fundraising campaign on! Want to know more about how compares to its competitors? Take a look at

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