Helping by selling - add offers and auctions to any fundraiser

Published 5 June, 2024. Update: 5 June, 2024.
Helping by selling - add offers and auctions to any fundraiser

Support and receive support by adding offers and auctions to other Organisers' fundraisers! Find out how to give and receive items for offers and auctions - that's easier than you think! 

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  1. How do Founder offers and auctions work?
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  3. How can I fund an offer or auction?

The growing popularity of charity sales and auctions has inspired us to make your life easier. From today, you no longer need to organise a Facebook group, invite people and moderate posts. Our latest functionality does it all for you! If you already have your own sales group, you can continue to benefit from its reach and leave the organisational matters to us. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to adding offers or auctions and discover new possibilities, both from the point of view of the reward Founder and the Organiser. You will find the most important information about offers and auction funding in our video explainer and much more in the article bellow.

How do Founder offers and auctions work?

The entire process involves three people - the fundraiser Organiser, the offer Founder and the Buyer. We take the communication on ourselves and send each of them appropriate notifications. None of you have to search for links, ask about shipping or request payment confirmations. As a portal, we oversee the entire process, which takes place as shown in the diagram below:

A diagram showing the steps of funding a bid or auction:  The Organiser enables the possibility of adding offers and auctions The Funder adds an offer or auction The Organiser accepts or rejects the offer or auction The Funder gets a notification about the Organiser's decision Buyer buys the offer or wins the auction The Funder hands over the offer or auction subject The Organiser receives payment.

Thanks to email notifications, the Organiser knows about every new offer and auction on the fundraiser and the Founder does not have to check whether someone has made a purchase directly on All the most important information arrives reliably in your mailbox!

How to allow third parties to add offers/auctions to my fundraiser?

A Founder can add an offer or auction to any fundraiser whose Organiser has verified their account with documents and biometrics. See our FAQ section for instructions on verifying the Organiser account

To allow other users to add offers and auctions to your fundraiser, log in to your account, then go to your fundraiser and enable this option in the offers/auctions section using the button:

Button with the text "Turn on adding rewards bu other users" in offers/auctions section

Other verified users can add offers and auctions to your fundraiser from now on. However, any new offer or auction won't appear on your fundraiser page without your approval. When someone adds a new offer or auction to your fundraiser, we will inform you by email. You will find the new offers and auctions directly in the view of your fundraiser or by going to "My offers/auctions" in the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen:

View of the drop-down menu in the top right corner. To expand the menu log in and then click your name. My offers/auctions is the third option counting from the top.

And selecting the "Posted for me" tab:

Under the header of the offers/auctions section you will find 3 tabs. These are in sequence: purchase, sale and posted for me.

You can quickly accept or reject each added offer or auction by selecting the relevant option or find out more about the offer or auction by clicking "See more":

Under ‘Posted for me’, you will first see the offers and auctions awaiting approval. In the preview, you will find a cover photo of the offer, a fragment of the description and the See more, Decline and Accept buttons.

In the offer or auction details view, you will also have the option to accept or reject it. Once you have made a decision, you will see a pop-up offering to immediately move on to the next offer or auction if you have several of them waiting for acceptance. Going by the process, you don't have to go back or refresh the page even once!

The Founder will receive an email notification of your decision. Once you accept the new offer or auction, the only thing left to do is to share it on social media and wait for donations!

How can I fund an offer or auction?

Every individual with a verified user account can become an offer or auction Founder on At the moment, entrepreneurs cannot become offers and auctions Founders. However, we are working all the time to make this form of donation available to them as well. In our FAQ section you will find simple instructions on verifying your account. 

To add an offer or auction go to the fundraiser you wish to support and click on "Add offer/auction":

Banner inviting to fund an offer or auction in the offers/auctions section. Under the text ‘Help the Organiser even more! Add your offer/auction - you sell, and the fund goes directly to the fundraiser’ there is a button "Add offer/auction"

In the next step, complete the standard form for adding an offer or auction. You will not see your offer or auction immediately after entering and confirming your details. It will become visible to everyone when the Organiser accepts it - we will notify you of their decision by email. You can find your offers and auctions in the "Sell" tab of the offers/auctions menu. Offers and auctions awaiting the Organiser's decision will be in the "Awaiting Organiser's approval" tab. Accepted ones will be in the "Active" category:

Offers/auctions "Selling" tab. From the top you can see the categories: Active "buy now", Active auctions, Sold "buy now", Sold auctions - awaiting payment, Auction won - paid for, Ended, Awaiting organiser's approval, Rejected by organiser.

After the successful sale, we will send you a message with the name and email address of the Buyer. It can contain also a telephone number and postal address if required. Get in touch with the Buyer and hand over the offer or auction subject as declared in the form.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality because we are thrilled about it! By funding offers and auctions, even more people will be able to get involved in interesting projects and charity fundraising. And the Organiser will have everything in one place! Enjoy simple fundraising with!

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