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Send some energy for the publication of Traditional Healers Wisdom photo book.

Send some energy for the publication of Traditional Healers Wisdom photo book.

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Mujeres Medicina - the soul healers is a long term photography project in the process of transformation, changing according to my inner growth process. It focuses on portraying healers from different cultures and traditions, met during my healing journey across the globe. 


The project has begun with a mystic moment of “the delivery by Pachamama”, who has given a birth to this project’s idea by the cave in Mazunte (Mexico), where I received a calling to use my tool, which is photography to document the wisdoms of healers all around the world. After years of burnout, wanting to quit photography I took over two-year long pause from commercial work, focusing on my mental health and the calling came to shoot this important topic. This project is my homage to all the healers, helping others to get out of the darkness. The light they spread by sharing numerous unconventional, traditional tools has helped me to overcome a depression in 2019. Now by portraying the healers and writing down their wisdoms, I aim to publish a book, that can give hope to people all around the world, proving the tools and healers are on all the continents. Among traditional shamans, who inherit their wisdom from their ancestors, to women & men circles or authors of therapies combining both traditional and scientific paths. Enough of numbing ourselves in the culture of instant gratification we live in. It’s time to address our traumas and embark on our healing journeys within. 


"Mujeres Medicina - the soul healers” begun with a women’s circle in a powerful place in Mexico - Mermejita Beach. At first it focused on documenting just the medicine women, but with my personal growth, the project evolves too and soon it’s going to change its name, as it’s not dividing women and men anymore. Enough of separation of the feminine and the masculine, the elders from the young, the traditional and modern. This book will unify people, who follow their heart in their practice with the intention of helping others, no matter what gender or tradition they identify themselves with. There will also be a blank canvas in the book with the words only, for all the ones, who were not open to being photographed, and whose wisdom has helped many. 


At the moment I'm preparing myself for the journey around the world in search for healers from all walks of life, to publish a book at the end of this inner and outer exploration. 

If you want to support the publication of this project you can: 

- buy fine art prints with my work

- hire me for a personal, family or branding photoshoot documenting your tribe, your passion or craft

- participate in my photography workshops

- donating to my crowdfunding

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Все още няма описание.

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