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Scouts equipments

Scouts equipments

Неактивни дарения - необходимата операция на организатора на събирането на средства. Ако сте Организатор - влезте в и предприемете необходимите действия.

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I am Mr. Kenny, the Group Scout Leader of the St Joseph Church, Deputy Regional Commissioner of PRESA in UK and Executive Member of the IVSG Worldwide.

Scouting is a youth movement based on learning values ​​such as solidarity, mutual aid and respect. Its goal is to help young people shape their character and build their personality while contributing to their physical, mental and spiritual development.

The group includes more than 70 members aged 7 to 18 and 10 adult leaders. We need the help and support of the public to renovate the courtyard and the premises of the Saint-Joseph church in order to better welcome and supervise the children.

Due to the issue we are facing nowadays with the drug addicts, damage were caused to the enclosure of our playground, the doors and windows of the toilets, the door and windows of the club, the water pump, the electrical panel and the flagpole. This results to no secure grounds, no restrooms, no indoor activities, no water, and no electricity. We are currently looking for sponsors to help us in our project to secure the domain for children.

Help us make a difference and create better adults

Hoping that you will respond favorably to our request, please accept the expression of our best regards.

Все още няма описание.

Все още няма описание.


все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Неактивни дарения - необходима е операция от страна на организатора на събирането на средства. Ако сте Организатор - влезте в системата и предприемете необходимите действия.


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