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Rehabilitation and multi-specialty therapy of Mikolaj suffering from KBG Syndrome. Help him please!

Rehabilitation and multi-specialty therapy of Mikolaj suffering from KBG Syndrome. Help him please!

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This smiling boy in the pictures is Mikolaj.

Are you used to the fact that children in the photos from the fundraisers are suffering? Remember that not every disease can be seen at first glance. Don't let that smile fade...

Mikolaj is four years old, he has loving parents, siblings and... He is unable to speak...

The psychological and pedagogical counselling centre issued for Mikolaj special educational needs statement due to multiple disability.

The genetic test WES (Whole Exome Sequencing) gave the diagnosis: rare genetic disease KBG Syndrome with ANKRD11 gene mutation.

We have already proved to ourselves once that great determination and intensive rehabilitation can work wonders. Mikolaj started walking at the age of two years and eight months, and today it is difficult to keep up with him.

Our son has been in private speech therapy for over 2 years, and for a year and half he has been attending classes as part of early development support. The future of Mikolaj and how he will function as an adult depends on the intensity of multi-specialty therapy. Research shows that people with KBG Syndrome have a chance to speak and function in society. Help Mikolaj, please! ❤️

Both my husband and I work professionally and so far we have always managed on our own, but the costs of therapy, rehabilitation, medical exams and consultations are enormous, and in the case of speech development, time counts. We need to step up our therapeutic efforts!

We ask for support for rehabilitation and multi – specialty therapy, because as parents we have to do everything to ensure that Mikolaj has a chance to communicate efficiently, and that he is not excluded... And in the future, to have a chance to study at school and become independent.

Remember, the good returns! ❤️

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