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Get Dean A Better Life

Get Dean A Better Life

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At the age of 5 i was living with my mothers nan (Mary) and her husband (dave) we went on holiday Mary and dave got drunk i fell into the swimming pool i was drowning until a man saved me so i learned to swim everything was forgot about at the age of 6 Dave’s best friend (Brian)  moved to sheffield he went on holiday with me and my brother Keian he then R*ped Me And Keian I was Scared to tell anyone randomly the police came round asking me questions about the holiday i said i can’t remember but my brother told the police everything dave then abused me from 6-8 strangled Me Kicked me down the stairs starved Me i still get flash backs to the day at the age of 9 i went to school with a black eye school reported it so i moved to my dads mum Maureen things did not work out so now i am in care i moved from 17 placements while i have been in care i have tried to end my life 5 times becuase it was a shit place to be i moved to a placement and i got on weed and drink i was stoned nearly everyday and i drunk to my lowest point i even laid on the train tracks just to end my life i am now in the best placement i could ever wish for but even now i get flash backs so that is whats a matter with me .  

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все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

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