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Help me to evaluate my family from Gaza

Help me to evaluate my family from Gaza

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Hello, life was a tapestry of joy, warmth, and dreams. A successful career in teacher was complemented by the pride I felt for my well-raised boys and our haven of a home


But everything crumbled on October 7th when the war began, I lost my job. Compelled to flee Gaza amidst relentless bombings and unfathomable living conditions, we became nomads—moving from Rafah to Khan Younis and back to Rafah—escaping a trail of destruction and chaos. Our once beautiful house, now damaged, bombed, and looted, has plunged us into a desperate plight.


For the past four months, Gaza has been a place we cannot return to. Our children, victims of circumstance, haven't set foot in a classroom since October. Displaced few times, we endure the harsh reality of living in tents, with the relentless rain and biting cold stealing away our health. Each night becomes a battle.

The news channels and social media do not fully show the sad reality in Gaza; medical care is almost non-existentand, the spread of unusual diseases and epidemics, the phenomenon of queuing to secure the essentials of food and drink, living inside tents in the very cold season, drinking water pollution that has caused us digestive problems, difficulty obtaining medication for the most simple illness case we face, and hearing the sound of bombs continuously without stopping for several days.

The news doesn’t convey the feelings of the moments of displacement and evacuation that we felt as we left our home and city , while we knew in our hearts that we wouldn’t return anytime soon.

They don’t convey how dangerous it is, with the shelling surrounding us from all sides, and at any moment we can meet death. They also don’t convey how we wake up, for over 120 days now, to the teriible sounds of war, and the first thing that comes to mind is whether you’ll will survive today or not, and pray that no harm befalls you and your beloved from all the bombing. You cannot possibly comprehend the negative effects the war had on us, or comprehend the enormity of the panic attacks we suffered- and still do


Therefore, we created an account here because we are in deep need to feel the life again and we don't want to continue living this circumestances, filled with fear and death.

We decided to leave the Gaza Strip and reach a safe place away from death, diseases, and unbearable conditions even after this war end, to start building our lives over again and get a sense of security and stability, while providing the essentials of living for me and my family. The cost of travel for one person to leave Gaza through paid coordination is $10,000 Euro (7000€), and this cost increases every day

Your kindness holds the power to reshape our destiny. Let's unite to offer my boys the chance to dream of a tomorrow filled with promise.

Thank you for being the beacon of hope we so desperately need in our darkest days.

With heartfelt gratitude,

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Все още няма описание.

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все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

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