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Unleash the Avalanche: Snowman's Next Album Odyssey

Unleash the Avalanche: Snowman's Next Album Odyssey

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Snowman: Riding the Avalanche of Progressive Rock to New Horizons


From the rich musical tapestry of Portugal, the world bore witness to a sound that marries tradition with modernity, nature with technology, and art with passion: Snowman. Led by the virtuoso duo of Pedro Fernandes (vocals and guitar) and backed by an ensemble of prodigiously talented musicians, Snowman's sonic palette is as diverse as it is profound.

With inspirations stemming from progressive rock giants like Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Camel, Snowman offers listeners a musical journey that navigates through waves of nostalgia, elation, and profound introspection. Their unique blend of music transcends borders, touching souls globally.

Purposes & Goals:

At Snowman, our mission is not just to create music, but to forge a soundscape that speaks to the heart. Our sounds have been a testament to our dedication, with singles like "Leave it All Behind" and albums such as "In a Better Place" echoing the depths of our passion.

As we gear up for our next ambitious project, we're inviting you to become a part of our journey. We're on the precipice of releasing our next album - an opus that promises to push the boundaries of progressive rock even further. This album is not just a set of tracks but an experience waiting to be unfolded.

Objective of Funding:

While our spirit is strong and our creativity boundless, the reality of music production requires funding. This campaign aims to gather resources for the production, mastering, distribution, and promotion of our next album. By joining hands with us, you're not just funding an album, but fostering an ecosystem where authentic music thrives.

To our sponsors: every contribution brings us one step closer to sharing our sonic tale with the world. And for that, we offer not just our gratitude, but a promise – a promise of music that resonates, music that matters.

Join us as we pen the next chapter of Snowman's story. Let's make history, together.

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Unique meetings
Virtual Meet-and-Greet Session
Virtual session where donors get a chance to interact with members of Snowman. This is a Q and A, a storytelling session and an unplugged performance....
50 €
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Signed Discography Bundle
Dive deep into the heart of Snowman's musical journey with this exclusive discography bundle. Handpicked and carefully packaged, this set includes eve...
150 €
Handwritten Lyrics Sheet
Select your favorite Snowman song and receive a beautifully handwritten lyrics sheet, penned by Pedro Fernandes himself. A piece of art for your walls...
200 €
Electronics & Music • Others
Voice of the Avalanche: Be a Part of Snowman's Next Album!
Ever dreamt of your voice echoing alongside the harmonies of Snowman? Here's your once-in-a-lifetime chance! Become a part of our musical tapestry by ...
300 €


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