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Bathroom for a family in need

Bathroom for a family in need

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
*Сумата е изразена в евро въз основа на среднопретегления курс на даренията, направени във всички валути. За повече информация посетете


Hello Big Hearts!

At that moment, my friends from the UK, fleeing the war, settled in Wrocław, parents with two children aged 2 and 5.

They are in a difficult financial situation, at this point both of them are unemployed, all the more so they fell to the deception of our citizen, who took everything they could bring with them while fleeing, that is, money, rings, necklaces, literally everything that had some value. The purpose of the fundraiser is to equip a bathroom and toilet in their apartment, I will do the renovation myself, but after

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все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!



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