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For a rent, I will be on street soon...

For a rent, I will be on street soon...

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
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Hi I just wanna say a Short info about why I do this i don't know if anyone will give something but i have to Try, I'm Daniel i was leaving with my Grandma my hole life and my parants was to work outside of contry recenly în octomber my father has die, and my mother has come back and don't speak with me anymore and She is gone i dont know where, i was on rent until now and pay by time, until I got kick form my work becose of kid boss want to.. And I try to find a job and I didn't until 3 days ago, I have to pay my Rent until 20 april or i will be kick, I feel soo dam alone i miss everyone i don't have someone to ask for it i cry evrey Night thinkig why its happening this why did i do wrong i start to think i am depress i sleep only 3hrs on Night and I smile to everyone to sho i am happy but i am sad.. It's hard to have a normal life.. To be happy Even if nobody will give me something at less be happy of your family and what do you have.. You don't know how much will last

Все още няма описание.

Все още няма описание.

Все още никой не е създал кутия за пари за тази кампания за набиране на средства. Вашата кутия за пари може да е първата!


все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!



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