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For homeless kittens from wild living cats in Radzymin (PL) vicinity

For homeless kittens from wild living cats in Radzymin (PL) vicinity

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
*Сумата е изразена в евро въз основа на среднопретегления курс на даренията, направени във всички валути. За повече информация посетете


We are three women working voluntarily for homeless cats and dogs in our vicinity (Radzymin community in Poland). We’ve created an initiative Adoptuj Radzyminiaka, which means Adopt a Radziminian (animal) Citizen. For more than six years we have helped more than 700 cats and dogs. We shelter them in our homes, we feed them, treat them with medical help if needed, castrate and find good homes.

We work voluntarily, but need help to finance medical costs and everyday maintenance for the animals (food, cat litter, accessories, etc).


Right now we have under our care more than 30 dogs and 20 cats. We have just taken into our homes 6 kittens from stray cats (2 more to be caught). They have aprox. 6-10 weeks old (from two mothers). They are quite wild now, but within a few days they will accept us and become really sweet kittens. We need for them food, hygienic underlays, we will need to take them to the vet for prevention (deworming, vaccinations etc.) and for treatment for cat runny nose. After that we will seek for them loving and responsible homes.

Please, help us, help those little kittens to have a better life.

For more information you can find us on our fb profile Adoptuj Radzyminiaka. It is in polish, but if the translator fails and you need any more information, please feel free to contact us on our email [email protected] or through messenger.

Below are some of the pupils in our shelter.



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