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Need to pay hold bills and moms funeral

Need to pay hold bills and moms funeral

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
*Сумата е изразена в евро въз основа на среднопретегления курс на даренията, направени във всички валути. За повече информация посетете


I was passing a bad moments in life divorced and bills voming all over me ..... after tryed take my daughter to my side the judge dsnt give me the chance so i was spending money on journeys and fighting with the solicitor with a lot off profs was showed but the judge even want to see them .... and last mounth my moms pass away and the funeral costs trips to uk to solve all paperworck have been a night mare so im giving a try on this all type off help is gonna be apreciated so 20 10 1 2 3 cents anything it will be helpfull thanks

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все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!



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