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Treatment and rehabilitation of Ryszard's feet

Treatment and rehabilitation of Ryszard's feet

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  • On September 3, thanks to the help of the Vienna Fire Brigade, we arrived in Vienna and stopped at the fire brigade station.


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We are kindly asking for help and financial support in connection with our son's expensive treatment in Vienna, which currently significantly exceeds the financial capacity of the household budget.


Ryszard was born on June 14, 2023 with a congenital defect in both feet. The feet are placed in a clubfoot position, i.e. they are bent inwards and backwards to a very significant extent. Fortunately, shortly after the birth of our son, we found a foundation that guided us and led us to a world-class specialist (with whom he cooperates) who effectively deals with such cases of foot deformities. After consulting a doctor in Vienna, it turned out that this was the worst possible case of deformation, which would require a complex treatment process, extended in time. The best news is that by subjecting his feet to a series of treatments, then surgery, rehabilitation and wearing special splints and orthopedic shoes until the age of about 5, Rysiu will be able to function normally and take full advantage of his healthy legs. This is the most important information for us, it filled us with hope and motivated us to take up the challenge of raising funds for our son's treatment in Vienna.


Taking into account the costs of treatment alone, multiplied by 4.5 due to the Euro currency in Vienna, we decided to ask for help and financial support, because it significantly exceeds our current financial and currently creditworthiness capabilities. Over the next two months (counting from the beginning of September), we need to collect 11 850 € (55,000 PLN) for treatments preparing for the surgery and the surgery itself, and the rest of the costs related to rehabilitation, consultations and visits to Vienna will be spread over time. Therefore, the period at the turn of September and October is crucial in the treatment process of Ryszard.


We will also add that the treatment takes place in Vienna due to the degree of foot deformation, the professionalism of the local orthopedic specialist and the fact that many children with such a condition after treatment in Poland end up in Vienna anyway, because corrective treatment is required - which is nothing more than correction after Polish specialists. We are even more happy that we do not have to go through the same journey as the parents of children undergoing treatment in Poland.


We ask for your understanding, favorable response to our request and financial support to the best of your abilities.


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