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Recover money scammers took from me..:(

Recover money scammers took from me..:(

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
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Hi to all of you. My name is Homer, and hope you are well. in all my life was working and helping others as much as i could, without asking anything in return. I never got to any financial investments just focusing on my job and my life until February 10th 2024.

On February 10th 2024 i got a message in telegram if i wanted to invest in crypto. in the beginning i was hesitating but after i was persuaded because they put in my account around 40 euro. (account was given to them by me)

The next 2 days whatever i invested (small amounts 100/200 euro) they were sending them back with profits, so i said its seems legit....but on the 13th the nightmare began.. they asked me to participate in 4 speculative tasks as they call it...first i invested 200 then they ask me to invest 689 then 1888 and then 1523, when i was done i ask them when i get my investment with the profits back and what they answered back was if i want back what i invested + profits have to invest another 8000...when i heard this i froze...i said this is a scam... and i was so furious with my self...i am 50 years old have never in my life got to any financial scams and there you go.....a 5 year old kid would have done better....of course i denied... i ask them to send me my money back otherwise i go to the police but they were insisting if i wanted my money back have 2 send them 8000 more. They said police cannot do anything. and they were right....when i went to the police responsible DPT they told me that the chances to find them is like 1%... i was so sad angry and frustrated...mad with my self to let scammers to fool me...and i cannot even imagine what my wife will tell me when i tell her....

This is why i ask for your financial aid. Even one cent donation can make a difference. please help me to reach the amount of 4300 euro and i will pray for all for you at the "KYKKOS MONASTERY" for health above all, prosperity and happiness always... and please let my story be always in your you do not get fooled by scammers in anyway...

thank you



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