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Clothes for girl

Clothes for girl

За какво ще набирате средства днес?
*Сумата е изразена в евро въз основа на среднопретегления курс на даренията, направени във всички валути. За повече информация посетете


For Maryna Kozachenko, a Ukrainian woman, for shoes and winter clothes, and for school for daughter Anna a 10-year-old girl undergoing oncological treatment.

Also for cat food.

Before the war she lived in Kiev, the house was bombed and everything burned down. Then she stayed in Wrocław in Poland, now in the countryside in western Ukraine, where frosts were already -4 degrees. Link to mother profile


Все още няма описание.

Все още няма описание.


все още няма дарения, дарете първи!

Все още няма дарения, дарете първи!



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