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Independent Film Productionent

Independent Film Productionent

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A woman wakes up in the middle of the night outside her house wearing just her underwear. It's one of her many sleepwalking crisis. She is powerful independent woman, working as an architect. She has her life during day time under control but the night sometimes takes control over her. For fear this might put her life in danger in the future she decides to try a new form of therapy. She joins a family constellation group and her experience is amazing. She founds out that a dramatic and complex plot of a member of her family, two generations back is the cause of her sleepwalking. This revelation is the cure of her symptoms.

This is the short synopsis of the film we are expecting to shoot next spring with your help. It's a true story and it offered answers that I've been searching for over 30 years. I hope It can help others too. The film is designed for festivals but mainly for impact campaigns for mental health problems.Sleepwalking is caused by severe anxiety and traumas. Talking about shouldn't be a shame, same as searching for help. Mental health is still health and should be seen as a public issue to be supported by the authorities in charge.

We have experienced filmmakers working at it, both on directing and writing part as well as camera operator and actors.All of them already made short of feature length movies. Most part of the team will works for free but there are still a lot expenses to be made: equipment, location rentals, editing and post production.

Any donation will be much appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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