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Mom surgery

Mom surgery

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Dear souls from all over the world. My name is Cristina and I find myself in need of help right now. I am a yoga teacher and trainer, Gong master and beyond that a being just like you which at the moment have a difficulty in life.

I have never been asking anything on this kind of platforms but now, I see myself desperate for support.

My mom has some heart problems and need an urgent surgery. Right now I do not posses the money for all the expenses and that is why I dare to ask your help, please.

If you find it in your heart to help me raise the money for the surgery , I will pray for each of you and I offer you my time in a private consultation for discussing whatever aspect in you would like to improve in your life.

Dear ones, we all have been supported by someone in this life , or even by God, so please don't turn your back to my request and allow us to be ok.

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Det finns ännu ingen beskrivning.

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