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For poetry, activism, art and free journalism;

For poetry, activism, art and free journalism;


Hello, my name is Robert and I run an authorial, public-private, educational and satirical profile on FB. Using scenes from classic cinema, comic books, literature, science fiction and broadly understood popular culture, I try to comment on current events with humor (sometimes a bit dark one).

Robert Koliński is a half-man, half-satire, usually educational, sometimes political. It is the result of a successful astral conjunction of the bright Gierek-era in the second half of the 1970s and spontaneous anger caused by the events in Poland that took place after the political events of 1989. It is my escape from the gray reality and a kind of safety buffer that if we are not allowed to laugh at those in power and various reverends, nothing will be allowed. He can be a poem writer, rather benign;


The creator and administrator of the profile is one person who is also the creator of most memes and comics. The background for the texts and dialogues, due to the author's temporary lack of drawing skills (I'm working on it!), were frames from classic cinema and popular culture, but not only. In a nutshell, it is a combination of satire, fantasy, literature, politics and cinema history.


Due to the fact that the author is Polish (and has paper to prove it), he can be grumpy and sarcastic - he can offend various feelings, but generally he tries to do it rarely. He has a bit of language skills, sometimes he rhymes, he's usually a leftist and he likes to play with words; 🖤 🚩


I love good quotes, I socialize, I express myself in hashtags; #FamousQuotes; 🖤 🚩


Since a long time ago at school they taught me what common sense is, which, I deeply believe, is in most of us, I believe that stupidity and hypocrisy feed on social inaction and therefore cannot remain unanswered. Memetics in "soshials" has therefore become my freedom of speech. Every day I try to comment on current political, social and cultural events with a more or less good sense of humor, using my "peasant common sense".

Making fun of everyone and everything is an activity between the daily struggle with the harsh Polish reality, poeticizing, Hamletizing and appeals for common sense to various decision-makers who sometimes even listen, although far too rarely. I have already had some successes in this field (few times it was published in the newspapers), but still - in my opinion - insufficient. I am not a member of any political organization, although of course I do have opinions, so I decided to organize this collection because I want to be fully independent. Despite rumors that my activities are richly financed by Messrs. Soros, Putin, the Grand Lodge of the East or the lizardmen from Alfa Draconis, unfortunately there is no money in my account and sometimes I do not have enough money for the first.


Therefore, if someone is willing and able to support my modest artistic attempts and the social activists' rightful praise of the powerful, I will be very grateful and I will probably get down to real drawing, not just folk memetics. Oh, and I will finally start eating some normal breakfasts, which is necessary for optimism in life, as also important for health. Thank you and welcome to my profile. Enjoy!:)

#PrawdaWasWyzwoli🖤 🚩

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Opisa še ni.

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