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Buying a car so I can start driving Uber and support my family

Buying a car so I can start driving Uber and support my family

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Hi there, I am looking for help from some good people that are willing to make it possible for me to get a second chance in life.

After losing my business of 13 years and bankruptcy I was for some time in some really bad spot. Wasnt proud on myself and the person I have become at that time…did many bad desicions cause of my pain, suffering and stress.

Now that i managed to heal my past and find the energy, will and strength to start over in life I started to drive Uber in Croatia so I can try to pay off my big debts and take care of my family.

Sadly I do not own a car anymore and since i started to drive Uber I am renting a car from a car rental company which to be honest takes arround 35% of my income which affects my abbility to cover all life expenses and credit card payments, bank loan payments etc.

My wish is to be able to buy a new car so I can continue to drive Uber (which i really like) and by doing so to be able to earn enough money on a mothly basis to live a normal life.

I am not afraid of hard work, I just need a litle help, a litlle push to start living a normal stress free life for me and my family.

So I would be thankful for any contribution from good people who believe in second chances.

Thank you in advance and God bless 🙏

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