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Household expenses

Household expenses

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Hi, my name is Paulo I'm a Portuguese leaving in France with my girlfriend, our two and a half year old son and our two dogs, we came here looking for a better life. It was going ok until the end of January when I left the company where I was working, I left it because the owner was always bullying his employers, pushing us to work extra hours but not paying them. Me and others who worked there were sometimes 13 or 14 hours at work and at the end of the day we had something like 8 or 9 hours marked by the company, that and so much more but I think I made my point.

That is what made me quit, and I quited by just cause ( I don't really know how to say that in English) supposedly I do have the reason and I should get paid for it but that doesn't happen overnight.

I only quited because I already had somewhere else to go but the new company didn't honour they're word.

My girlfriend is at home with our kid because we still couldn't find a vacant for him in daycare or anything.

So now here we are with all the expenses to pay but no money to pay them,

Rent is 650, car insurance 130, around 500 for food and relatable items, 140 for wealth insurance, 170 for water and electricity some more expenses like TV and internet but I don't really care if those are left behind.

I know this is probably way to long to read but here are my problems, I hope to get some help, anything will help.

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