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Struggling to live by

Struggling to live by

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Hello, and thank you for your interest in helping us.

For the past 6 months me and my family have been struggling just to live by as problems have been piling up, one after another. We are trying desperately to remediate the problem to no avail.

After my husband lost his job because the company where he worked moved from our country he couldn't find another, even after posting countless CV's. He worked at a call center from home, he's studying to become a programer but no one would hire him in that department either. And my small salary doesn't cover our current costs as I barely make to support us, pay bills/rent/food/expenses for our daughter, she has to go to school in autumn and I really worry for the future as well.

We also have 2 cats and 3 months ago we found out one of them , Angel, has a cancerous tumor we spent some of our savings on doctors and pills and check ups because obviously we didn't want to lose her, she is out of danger for the moment but I fear for the worst if we can't provide a more permanent treatment soon. And to make matters worse our second cat got diagnosed with kidney failure, and she is on medication right now, we had to borrow some money from a family member to be able to buy the pills because we couldn't afford it.

And just as things looked like it might become better as a friend might have a solution for my husband with finding work though it's still uncertain as the company that was supposed to call him didn't yet, we went even more downhill because our only pc broke and we can not afford to repair it, and my husband would be required to work from it.

So basically the money is to repair our pc, pay our bills, and maybe have some for groceries because my wallet literally has only like 10€ in it to buy bread for the next few days, we are currently living with what ever we have left in the pantry. And I already borrowed wat I could from friends and family and have dept towards them, I am so ashamed allready to go ask any of them even for a bit more 😭😭😭, and I feel ashamed even to come asking here but I really don't know wat to do anymore we just need a little bit and maybe next month it will be better 😔😞.

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Ainda não há donativos, seja o primeiro a doar!



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