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finance an innovation

finance an innovation

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​My story. Our Yorkshire.

The behavior of larger dogs attempting to grab the neck of smaller ones, particularly during fights or aggressive interactions, has several causes.

A common reason is that this instinctual behavior dates back to natural hierarchy and how dogs express their dominance.

At times, this behavior is based on territorial defense, where a larger dog seeks to display its dominance or perceives the smaller dog as a threat. It may also stem from social dynamics, where the larger dog tries to dominate or intimidate the smaller one.

Although not all larger dogs exhibit this behavior, it depends on each dog, its upbringing, environment, and social interactions. Smaller dogs are often victims of this situation.

This was the case for our Yorkshire, Kawet, who survived this experience. However, many small dogs have not been as fortunate, to the extent that dog lovers no longer have small dogs, losing their cherished companions for fear of losing them again.

​That's why this vest.

The vest's design includes numerous small metal pins that, thanks to an intelligent system, are activated by an electric shock as soon as a dog comes into contact with them. This startles the dog and makes it release its prey.

The electric shock is completely harmless to the attacker and is not felt by children, adults, or even the smallest dog. The attacker experiences the shock in its mouth, enhancing the electrical sensation. The pins are only electrically activated when light pressure is applied to the vest.

The vest will be waterproof and remain active under all conditions.

The design comprises different layers, including a thin, flexible layer of Kevlar.

As we're in the developmental phase, we are also considering adding one or more LED indicators so that the owner can see when the vest is activated. These lights also serve to make the dog visible at night.

And we're taking it even further. The vest's power comes from a tiny battery, which also allows for integrating a GPS.

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