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The fight continues !!! Help me recover from my stroke. Here is my story

The fight continues !!! Help me recover from my stroke. Here is my story

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My name is Franek, I'm 20 years old . It has been a year since I had a stroke.

I would like to tell this story from my perspective.

On February 9, 2023, I woke up in the morning and when I got out of bed I felt dizzy .                                   

 It did not bother me because I was stressed due to the approaching exam that day.

I ran into the shower, put on my Joji's favorite song, and suddenly while taking a shower

I felt my right arm and leg go numb. All of the sudden I lost control of the right side of my body.

I fell over and I could not move. I could not speak. I tried to get up and call for 

help, but it was not possible. I do not know how long I was lying there exactly. The water was pouring

all the time. My younger brother finally realized that I was not answering and pulled me out.

He carried me to bed, dressed me, and my mother called an ambulance. The rescuers asked me all sorts of questions, but

I could not answer what my name was or how old I was. Instead of words, what came out was 

just gibberish. I had no idea what was happening to me. I was scared. Straight away the

 ambulance crew suggested it was from taking drugs, but my mother was sure it was a stroke.

I remember that they quickly carried me out of the house and into the ambulance and there I lost consciousness. There 

 was total darkness.


Suddenly, I felt that I was in purgatory. I didn't see anything, but I heard horrible

screams that I wanted to run away from. I had the impression that it went on for years. I did not feel

my body, as if my soul had separated from it. Suddenly, in the darkness, I saw myself

underneath the apparatus.

A female nurse and a male nurse were standing next to me. I have heard how

they talked about my very serious condition and little chance of getting out of this situation.

I woke up after what turned out to be more than 3 weeks in a coma. It was night.

At first, I saw my name on the wall and a picture of a saint.

I thought I woke up from a bad dream, but when the same nurse came to me

And then this other nurse came too I realized that something amazing had happened. It was

an unique experience.

I could not move. I could feel my body. It seemed to me that I was moving my hands and feet

but they did not move. I did not know what was going on. That was a total shock for me.

 I still could not speak, I still could not find the words, and I had a tube from

tracheotomy. I overheard the conversation that I had no chance of getting out of it and that I would be a vegetable.

I rebelled.

I started to move my left arm slowly. During the first rehabilitation sessions  

only the physiotherapist and my siblings moved parts of my body but after about 2 months I found myself

in the rehabilitation ward.

It was an incredibly difficult time for me. I began to understand the situation I was in.

The days were long. I had excruciating neurological pains in my leg that painkillers do not

help with at all .

Thanks to the great help and support of Dr. Szymański, Beata's physiotherapist and speech therapist

I was able to get back on my feet and learn to speak again.


Today I am undergoing rehabilitation at the center in Turka. This is possible thanks to the help of

wonderful donors who supported the fundraiser set up during my stay

in the hospital.

I am already on a crutch, I do not need a wheelchair.

Some activities I can do on my own

The biggest problem for me is my right arm, which is still not working ,

contracted and tightened. I believe that I will persevere and regain full fitness.

I am also going to have heart surgery soon

We set up this fundraiser so that I could raise the necessary funds that will allow me to continue

rehabilitation and purchase the necessary very expensive medicines.

The fight continues, I won't give up.

Please help, every penny counts.

Thank you


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