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Hey there!

I am a mother of two boys 7 and 8 years old.

I am a full-time worker and together with my boys I am trying to make all ends meet and make our life better bit by bit after a relationship that left us worse than bad off. They are brave and sensible boys and I know they have to sacrifice a lot.

The constant choises of food or going for a swim in the hall, gas for going to work or buying skates and helmets for school gymclass..etc sad to say they stand back a lot even though it is getting better and never a harsh comment or word from them. We may lack a higher standard but there is a lot of love and care.

This fund raising have the purpose of making christmas a little bit better for my boys and perhaps be able to give them what they want for christmas. The eldest want a phone to be able to contact me and his friends, the youngest want a tablet. Used does not matter.

In December until January its 5 weeks between paychecks so planning the econony is essential and the marginals thin.

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Il n'y a pas encore de description.


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