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Arts & Crafts • Other
Balloon Post Cards
unique balloon balloon post, specially designed for GB2023clear, signed and written after landing
50 €

Sold: 2 out of 50

Handwritten Lyrics Sheet
Select your favorite Snowman song and receive a beautifully handwritten lyrics sheet, penned by Pedro Fernandes himself. A piece of art for your walls...
200 €
Donation & Thanks
Color on chat and queue priority
Benefit valid for 1 month from the time of inclusion. The benefit is activated as soon as possible and includes:* Color in chat,* Priority in queue fo...
2 €
Donation & Thanks
Partnership of project - title sponsor
For a year, we will title our project with the name of your company or surname. We will make photo reports and work for homeless animals on your behal...
2500 €
Electronics & Music • Music
Your own mix
Thank you for helping me building my dream.I'll create a new mix just for you with the songs of your choosing when I buy the DJ gear.
25 €
We design your website
Custom design for presentation website including maximum 6 pages-Home -services-About us-Contact-Terms and conditions-And what would best suit your bu...
150 €