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Fundraising for My University Education

Fundraising for My University Education

На що ви будете збирати кошти сьогодні?
*Сума виражена в євро на основі середньозваженого курсу пожертв, зроблених у всіх валютах. Для більш детальної інформації також відвідайте


Hello everyone,

I attended Semmelweis University, a medical school in Budapest, Hungary, for two years, and I had to take out a student loan because I come from a very poor family. My mother didn’t want me to start university because there are no graduates in our building. Unfortunately, she was right that I shouldn’t have started. So, our already disadvantaged situation will be even worse if I drop out now. But I don’t want to continue with this program.

Emotionally, this field of study has been very difficult for me, so I want to leave the university, but then I will also have to pay a penalty to the state for not completing my studies.

I am asking for your help in this matter so that I can plan my life again and break out of poverty. I want to study physics and become an astronomer. I made a mistake, which was a very big mistake. Please help me correct this very bad decision.

I’m almost begging you to help me! I can’t bear all this death and suffering that I experience during the practices.

Thank you for reading this.

Опису поки що немає.

Опису поки що немає.



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