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Help to get back to life

Help to get back to life

На що ви будете збирати кошти сьогодні?
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Warm welcome,

My story is similar to many such events in other people's lives.

My troubles actually started about 10 years ago.

Since then I have not stopped fighting to get out of the impasse.

I took out each new loan to pay off the next one, but always part of it went to investment.

I believed until recently that I would be able to break through the glass ceiling.

To overcome the difficulties and earn the required amount of money and consequently pay off all the burdens slowly.

Those who know me know that I have a lot of ideas which I have implemented in business life with varying success.

The engine of my struggle is my children and family, if not for this I would have given up many times already.

At the moment, I am continuing my poorly paid full-time job, while looking for additional work.

Unfortunately, my mental strength is leaving me more and more and I stop believing that I will succeed.

I think that paying off all debts would help me start anew.

I'm sure that the banks won't make any more money on my loans because I've decided that I won't take a single one again in my life.

The amount I'm collecting seems big but it's actually 3000 x €100 (a good dinner for some).

Of course every contribution is important and needed for me.

I further pledge to use any surplus for training from the dangers of excessive debt.

Extremely grateful for any contribution.


Опису поки що немає.

Опису поки що немає.

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