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Help family’s and poor childrens for christmas🙏

Help family’s and poor childrens for christmas🙏

На що ви будете збирати кошти сьогодні?
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Перекладіть фандрайзинг на 


Перекладіть фандрайзинг на 


Оригінальний текст перекладено на Українська

Оригінальний текст перекладено на Українська



I texting you in english, i do my best but im not professional in foreign languages.

Sorry about that, embarassing for me texting you like this.

Im writing emails rich people and donating charities but no one show interest. Not even answer. I think its because i always ask for dont post my name or my picture, all want posting.

Its embarassing for me, and i dont want see someone helped me.

I texting you because im a 24yr old boy with my wife, my grandma my mother, my mother man, and 1uncles. Living together in an 1 room house with 1 small kitchen and 1 small bathroom. We are from hungary, and we all try working hard do everything for our living but its still not enough.

Im begging people for money, we are very hard struggling now, our christmas in this year like make sure we survive..

So thats why im here.

I hope, you can help me even with a little, for some food for christmas or any help would be nice.

Im sorry very sorry about this message. I leave my banks data here, when you want u can help me.

Thank you so much even for reading this.

Merry Christmas for you, and your family, God Bless!

My paypal email is is [email protected]

Or my revolut bank link where u can transfer money for me is this:

Опису поки що немає.

Опису поки що немає.

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