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Toss a coin to InVitro - O'Valley of plenty

Toss a coin to InVitro - O'Valley of plenty

На що ви будете збирати кошти сьогодні?
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Hi! I'm Rita and I'm non-binary. I am in a relationship with a transgender person who has been on testosterone (HRT) for 2 years.

For 5 and a half months I was on testosterone too, but due to the desire to start a family, I stopped for the duration of the procedure, which restored my reproductive ability as of today. It had been somewhere in the back of my mind for a long time, but the decisive moment was the examination of both of us at the fertility clinic.

As we sensed earlier, my partner is running out of time to start a family .

In 2 years max. there probably won't be even the slightest chance of egg freezing.

In addition, during the procedure, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure (POF), which is associated with the depletion of ovarian follicle resources. My AMH (anti-Mullerian hormone) results are well below the norm for my age (0.740 - scan of results in photo No. 4 attached above). I have a suspicion of Fragile Chromosome X Syndrome. As a result, I will soon lose my fertility and any chance of parenthood in the future.

Even now the procedure will be long and expensive, but it has a very good chance of success. Higher costs result from the inability to perform it in Poland due to restrictive laws(the clinic is located in Greece).

The method we will be undergoing is "donor egg IVF", - collecting my egg and implanting it already fertilized in my partner. His eggs currently will not cope with the procedure, and waiting for their "functionality" would generate further costs and another year at least before starting anything , which he probably couldn't handle as a result of gender dysphoria (a total of over 2 years without testosterone after only 2 years on it yet).

In addition to technical reasons, we want to be together in this process, also from the technical side, because we feel that it brings you closer and reflects at least a minimum of "combining" genes, at least seemingly, which seems to be a balanced participation in creating a family.

On a daily basis, my partner co-runs the "Lambda Polska" Foundation, which helps transgender people, their parents and the LGBTQIA+ community. Currently, he is also writing his master's thesis (Psychology) closely related to transgenderism. He runs safespaces, support groups for transgender children and youth, and conducts individual consultations.

He helps people every day, but the moment has come when he needs help himself.

The fundraiser is currently the only chance for us to enlarge our family in the perspective of the whole life. Due to full-time activist-altruistic activities combined with the last year of studies, there is no way to earn such big amount of money in such a short time.

The costs include: Stimulants, the sperm donor, a lot of very expensive supportive drugs, travel and stay costs in Greece (one 2-week stay required), InVitro procedures (donor egg IVF), being tested and registered as an egg donor by the Greek government (which also it is costly and complicated), etc.

This is the initial cost estimate, which we will update on an ongoing basis (decrease if successful / increase in case of complications), and if any costs fall off at the last minute, we will transfer the remaining amount to institutions helping other transgender people or couples in a similar situation to ours and we will honestly document it .

We made the first 2 visits to the "Bocian" clinic in Szczecin, and after getting to know the reality and calling many countries, including: Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Germany, it fell on the clinic in Greece.

The name of the clinic in Greece is: emBIO - medical center Athens - the graphics are attached above and in case of any ambiguity, we are open to process authentication.

Thank you for taking the time to read the description and get to know our situation! :)

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