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Support refugees in The Tatras

Support refugees in The Tatras

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Dear Friends,

You may have heard how beautiful The Tatra Mountains are and indeed they are! Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to visit here every year to enjoy breathtaking views, long hiking trails, climbing routes, and winter sports. Unfortunately, not only tourists have been arriving in Podhale this Fall.

We are a group of local residents moved by the escalating humanitarian crisis at our doorstep. Many refugees from Syria and Iraq, primarily children, are attempting to reach the safe world in the Podhale region and on the Slovak side of the Tatras.

We encounter tiny children, women, and people with disabilities in very difficult life situations, wandering in the cold and rain through forests and mountains for many weeks. They suffer from cold and hunger. They are injured, sick but above all, frightened and exhausted.

Usually, they seek a better life not for themselves but for their children. They are running away from war, poverty, and despair. They embark on perilous journeys, hoping for a bit of luck. Do we have the right to blame them for this? 

Especially us Poles, highlanders we are familiar with the bitter taste of emigration. When subsequent groups of exhausted refugees with children started appearing in our area we decided to organize help. We must be ready to offer them support. Winter is coming which is bringing additional dangers. We know how to help under extreme conditions. We are bringing together all aids that can save the health and lives of people who have embarked on such a hellish journey and will need help. We must gather supplies.

This is why we are launching a fundraising campaign and asking for support. Be with us. Help us help and provide humanitarian aid to the refugees and those already waiting for asylum. The funds collected will be used to purchase the most needed items such as warm clothing, shoes, food, hygiene products, and medicines as well as the most urgent needs. This will enable us to continue our work and create a network of support that will result in saving the lives of many.

Please help us to help them!

Опису поки що немає.

Опису поки що немає.

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