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Operation Arctic Circle

Operation Arctic Circle

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Join us as we embark on the greatest operation the world has ever seen. Operation Arctic Circle aims to provide the humanity with answers that were never before available. As a former geography professor I assembled a team in order to create the great ever expeditionary mission into the Arctic Circle. We all heard the stories about the Arctic, and undoubtedly about the treaty that was signed so that no one would have access in the area. We are not backed by any government, proud to be founded by ourselves and by the people from around the world. Already raised on our own 230.000€. In order to expedite this endeavour we make our plans known to the public. The money will go towards an airplane ( Globemaster C130 Hercules (aprox. 1.2 million USD), snowmobiles( Ski-Doo Tundra LE 600 ACE '24 aprox 80.000 USD) and payment for a security team(120.000 USD for 10 days). We will document our entire journey on Rumble and the people who contribute will receive exclusive access to all the content. We aim to share everything, good,bad,ugly… all the truth on the subject will be revealed as we continue on this great crusade against oppression and misinformation campaign of governments. Help us to help yourself.

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