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Athletic Achievements

Athletic Achievements

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Bullterriers Fight Academy is a project developed with the purpose of discovering and nurturing talents in the field of combat sports. Our journey begins in Bucharest, Romania, with the intention of expanding across the entire country and, why not, the Balkan Peninsula.

gR5iIVEwXhfvhhO2.jpgConsidering the genetic potential and combative mentality prevalent in this region, we strongly believe in raising the standards of performance for future generations. However, the path we've chosen is narrow and challenging, particularly because many combat sport talents originate from impoverished backgrounds.

A significant portion of the youth we welcome into our gym reside in the outskirts of the city, facing difficult circumstances. Our goal is to steer these young individuals away from trouble and provide them with educational opportunities through sports, giving them the chance to excel in this field.

To achieve this, we rely on financial support. Specifically, we require funding for various aspects, including : rent , MMA equipment (shorts, gloves, rashguards, mouthguards, shin guards, shells, chest guards), gym equipment and specific equipment, eliptical bike, rower, heavy bags, punching bags, boxing pads, mma pads, kickboxing pads, finances for transportation and accommodation when our athletes compete in tournaments. Additionally, we need funding for repairs within the facility to create an optimal environment for performance, such as upgrading and addressing maintenance issues in the locker rooms and other areas crucial for athlete preparation.

At the end, we want to thank everyone who wishes to support and stand by us in this journey. 

Every donation matters and contributes to sustaining our vision of providing equal chances and opportunities for the youth in our community to be able to compete at international standards and make combat sports a way of life. 

We are deeply grateful for your unwavering support and for making it possible for us to pursue this project with significant impact.

May God bless our journey! 


Bullterriers Fight Academy est. 2022

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Neaktyvios aukos - reikalingas lėšų rinkėjo organizatoriaus veikimas. Jei esate Organizatorius - prisijunkite ir imkitės reikiamų veiksmų.


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Zrzutka - Brak zdjęć

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