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My wife's travel from Gaza is an emergency

My wife's travel from Gaza is an emergency

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Hello, I am Said from Gaza, my wife is in Gaza. Her travel date was on 05/10/2023

But because of the current war in Gaza. She was unable to travel, and a fee was charged for the Rafah crossing about 5000 euros per person. I have the travel costs, but I do not have the costs of leaving the Rafah crossing. She is currently in a tent and she has been displaced to Rafah alone and her people in the northern Gaza Strip. And her poor health condition, travelling because of treatment and reunification with her, the visa will end soon, and you will not be able to travel after that. It was my dream to see her and I was optimistic, but all of that went in no time after the war on Gaza. This may be our last chance to see each other for several reasons. The visa is very difficult and impossible for 4 years, and I work until I get a visa, and I was waiting for 5 years to see my wife. All this went with the war on Gaza. I didn't ask for help. From someone, but necessity forced me to do that. Thank you

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