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I want to work and earn money on my own, but circumstances have stopped me

I want to work and earn money on my own, but circumstances have stopped me

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I am reaching out to request your support with a one-euro donation. I understand that, like me, you also work hard to earn every euro, whether it's earned in a minute or over a few, but earning is essential. Therefore, every donated euro is a commitment for me to use it meaningfully.

I'm just an ordinary person with a retail license, holding onto

a dream. In 2020, I took a leap of faith and opened a furniture store in a

small Lithuanian town. Unfortunately, unforeseen challenges arose – the

pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and an economic crisis hit just after launching

the business.

These unexpected circumstances resulted in a significant

decrease in furniture sales, leading to rent arrears and hindering any

opportunity for expansion. Despite facing adversity, I have refrained from

seeking help, navigating this journey independently with immense support from

my family.

I have a promising plan for the future to boost sales. First and

foremost, I aim to settle the debts incurred. Secondly, the current store space

is 450 sq.m., and I have the potential to expand it by an additional 250 sq.m.,

requiring renovations. Lastly, I plan to purchase furniture directly from

manufacturers, enabling me to offer more competitive prices to customers (now I

get furniture from an intermediary on a commission basis, since I do not have

the money to buy directly from factories in larger quantities).

Every euro you contribute will initially go towards clearing

debts and subsequently towards expanding the furniture store. I am grateful for

any assistance you can provide, as I believe it will empower me to overcome

challenges, advance my business, and contribute positively to the community.

I refrain from specifying a particular donation amount, as I

genuinely appreciate every euro earned and donated. I understand that my

request doesn't address global issues but rather seeks support for a common

man's dream.

Aprašymo dar nėra.

Aprašymo dar nėra.


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