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Life Repair

Life Repair

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In a crazy times, between to jobs, trying to collect some money to repair my life and live normaly.

Helping family in Croatia, I just got in a place which I dont like. Also need to finish what I started with my teeth, I have time now, but dont have money.

It would be really helpfull for you to take some time to read this and if you can help with one Euro, it would be nice.

Dont want to cry too much, just- I need help, my cats are eating more than I do. 😅😇🐈🐈‍⬛

Have a wonderfull day,


Aprašymo dar nėra.

Aprašymo dar nėra.


Dovanos 1

20 €


2500 ženklai
Zrzutka - Brak zdjęć

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