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Debt Payment

Debt Payment

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Hello everyone. So basically last spring/summer I was in a really bad state of mind where I literally couldn't even leave my apartment so I ordered food like a lot, so then I found out u can use klarna on wolt and the depressed me used it and now I have been pushing those bills much as I can and now I can't move them anymore and I have 3K unpaid bills and all of my money goes to that, on top of that I thought it would be a great idea to take a quickie loan to pay some of it because I have no one to help me and now I'm still in very much debt with Klarma and the loan company.

Why I'm asking for your help is because I have a cat and I'm not even be able to feed him or myself anymore because of the bills I need to pay, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me, thank you. 🫶🏻

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