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For peaceful soul

For peaceful soul

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I'm Julian (he/him) and I'm a 29yo trans man living in Gliwice, Poland. I'm a proud father of two cats and most of the time you can find me at a local coffee shop where I'm working and developing my passion. That's where I met wonderful people who accept and appreciate me and make this world a little bit brighter, giving me courage to fight for myself. They inspired me to take a step towards happiness.


One of the things I really need to be my happiest self is a gender-affirming mastectomy (top surgery) - a procedure that entails complete removal of both breasts. It's not just an aesthetic surgery, but also something that would make me more confident, more comfortable in my own body, and able to feel and be perceived more like my authentic self. But more than anything, it would help me with my mental health.


I thought about creating this site for a long time, but finally, I’m ready to admit that I will not be able to do it on my own. Apart from the procedure costs, there are additional tests, visits, and travel costs. That is why I'm here asking for your help.


Every little bit counts, because the cost for this surgery is really high, and inflation doesn’t make it easy to save money. Right now, I'm in touch with a private clinic in Częstochowa. Choosing a private hospital will guarantee that the help I get is comprehensive, complete, and the best I can find to finally feel better. I promise to keep you updated on every step of the way.

I made PayPal for this foundriser for everyone who wants to help but can't use this page:

Thank you very much for your support! Take care!


I promise to update here as much as I can.

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