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Getting my family together

Getting my family together

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Hello, I am Dafni from Greece. I have no support from my ex husband. He never liked working. When we met we lived on the streets. After that my mom took us in , hoping he will get to some job. But he didn't. I got anxious about my new family's wellbeing. I developed a psychosis that hunts me still to this day. Then the state ordered that my 3 month old son be taken by another family. He lives in another city with his paternal aunt, uncle and his little cousin. I want to go to court and take him back since I miss him everyday since I lost him. Back then when I was hospitalized I prayed and I prayed that I will bring my family together. At the moment I have no job, only my mom supports me and my second born kiddo. Little one is 3 years old and the one I've got taken away is 4 now. I miss him a lot. I tell him I love him a lot. He knows I'm his mother and calls me mom and we have a good relationship. I just really wish he could grow up with me and his brother. I only want to raise my kids. Please any help even a dollar is important help so we can pay for the lawyer and go to court to take Jim back home. This is a family emergency! I would forever owe you.

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