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Central Asia Expedition

Central Asia Expedition

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My name is Burlacu Cosmin Mihai and I am an avid practitioner of winter sports, marked or unmarked routes, sport climbing and adventure field, are manifestations of my free spirit in this noble sport. Both in Romania and abroad, climbing in all its forms and seasons is my main activity. I love ice climbing, mixed climbing, hiking in winter or summer conditions, on tourist trails or not, I love sports versatility and nature itself. I hereby announce my alpine and expeditionary plans for 2024. During these expeditions you have the chance to become a member of my team that will put the Romanian flag on some of the most beautiful, difficult and isolated peaks of the world. The expeditionary project for 2024 focuses on two peaks from Central Asia mountains, two standards of world mountaineering, two mountains that are part of the history of millennial civilizations. Together we will walk the Silk Road and on the foots of Genghis Khan's armies, through the Tian Shan and Pamir mountains, finally stopping at the border with China, at the base of wonderful, eternally white peaks : Lenin Peak in Pamir and Khan Tengri in Tian Shan, surrounded by myths and covered with legends, located at the confluence of civilizations and worlds, where the true high adventure will begin.

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