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Cover my custody legal fees to save my son - his father s** trafficked him

Cover my custody legal fees to save my son - his father s** trafficked him

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I'm a 37 year old Finnish woman living in Malta. I moved here to work in 2015 but met my now soon ex husband end of 2017 in Finland. Soon he moved to Malta, we got married and I got pregnant. 

When my son was 1 year and 4 months his father and his "collaborator" started to produce child porn with my son as the victim. He was also trafficked to spend numerous nights with a number of Finnish men who brutally abused him both beating him and sexually. I found out about all of it when my son started to tell me few weeks before his 3rd birthday. It took him weeks to tell me everything while I did my best to shoot videos that proves the crimes, it's very difficult to prove such horrific abuse. 

Unfortunately the father was involved with organised crime and was able to pay off the police and other people who never investigated any of the police reports I created. 

I created a report about identity theft where he had accessed all of my accounts from FB, to instagram and Google and even used my credit card. Although he had left behind his very own IP address, the police never did anything. 

He also broke into our home numerous times, including one night when he came in to rape me in front of my son because he had warned him that if he tells me anything, they will hurt me. I had changed a locks number of times until I found out later on that my cleaner made copies of my keys and sold them to him. 

I'm currently in custody court with the father. I have thousands of euros unpaid legal fees that I have to find a way to pay off because it's the only way to protect my son and save him from his father. Any unsupervised visits will turn into beatings and sexual abuse. My GoGetFunding is here and I would be eternally grateful for any donations, you have no idea what they mean to me. I can assure you this is NOT a scam and ALL money goes towards my legal feed. If you're afraid of a scam but would like to make a bigger donation, you may email me at [email protected]

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