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House fire damage restoration

House fire damage restoration

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47mYwx7DLFqecrX3.jpgQgJmCsXkexkSbLFC.jpgom43TMyDpzFtk1RW.jpgHello, my name is Dimitrios, and I am reaching out for your support in a time of great need. I am a full-time carpenter and part-time waiter, dedicated to providing for myself and rebuilding my life after an unexpected tragedy. A few months ago, my home was tragically destroyed by a fire. Despite working tirelessly and managing to save 22,000€, I find myself 12,000€ sort of the amount needed to fully rebuild my house. This is why I have started this 4fund campaign. As someone who has always been self-sufficient and hardworking, it is difficult for me to ask for help. But I am determined to overcome this setback and restore a safe and stable environment for myself. My work as a carpenter has taught me the value of perseverance and dedication, while my job as a waiter has instilled in me a strong sense of humility and resilience. Your generous contributions will go directly towards the materials and labor required to rebuild my home. Every donation, no matter the size, brings me one step closer to reclaiming my life and my peace of mind. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for any support you can provide. Your kindness and generosity mean the world to me.

 With heartfelt gratitude,


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