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Please help me to can maintain my treatments are not cheap at all. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair!

Please help me to can maintain my treatments are not cheap at all. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair!


My name is Maria, I have 35 years old, (yesterday was my birthday) I wanted to speak a bit about my life.

Until 7 years of childhood I was a normal kid, until a Wednesday, like any other child I was helping my mom to

Prepare the things for the Easter, she was sending me to bring her tool, to take the trash, to shake the carpets etc

I never said no to her, I was making everything she was asking me.

Second day Thursday when I woke up, I fall back to the bed, my left been swollen and I had no power to stand up.

Scared I called my mom and she got in shock, instead of continuing those preparations for Easter she called to the family doctor,

She explained my situation and he said to get soon as possible to his cabinet, we got there and my doctor was saying is something he never saw until now, so like that I started to get from hospital to hospital, they called RHEUMATISM but was a strange rheumatism, from doctor to doctor to can find what is exactly my disease, and nobody find out anything.

They experiment many techniques of medicine, pills, injections, blood test, films, everything and anything in vane,

I was staying in hospital 3 months, they was letting me home for a week, or only a few days, and other 3 months I had to stay under checking’s, other week home, another 6 months in hospital, a week home, when 3 months, when 6 months, when even 9 months in the hospital and like that instead of getting better, I was going worse and worse, after many years of tries and experiments, in the end I got like a “vegetable “ I could not use my legs, I couldn’t walk anymore, I couldn’t eat by myself, I was not able to take a spoon from the blade front of me to can feed myself, and  worse of the worse, I couldn’t feel my body anymore, I was feeling only pain all over and like that I got to have over 14 years old and in come of 2 weeks.

In the end my parents heard by chance about a new hospital and my father went to speak with someone from there, he found out that most of the doctors study in USA, and they study new techniques and have much more elaborated medicine in comparations with other hospitals where I already been.

My dad explained my situation, how I am, about getting in come and I am not waking up already 2 weeks, the doctor of hospital where I was, he advised my parents, to take me home to die, like that they will not have to pay huge amounts to get my body out of hospital (a nurse even came with a lighted candle behind her back, the reason was to not die without light) my mom went crazy when she saw her with candle.

Finally the new hospital took a decision, and they request all the details of the hospital I was in and they said will send a ambulance special to transport me with a huge risk of my life, that my parents they been signing for my life, they responsible for my life in case of dying on the road (distance of 250km). The ambulance came in the night, I received the treatment at 22h and after a few hours I woke up of coma…. When I open my eyes, I was feeling dizzy, my arm full of needles, perfusion and blood. In the morning my parents and I decided to sign for my life, I got there, was totally fine, after other 10000 checking they told me that I will never be able to walk, I have a strange rheumatism that inside of boons liquid.

The best they can do is: the best they can do for me is wheelchair or crutches unfortunately I will never walk. Time passed was hard but I am walking, I have a hard walk but I am walking.

Please help me to can maintain my treatments are not cheap at all. I don’t want to be in a wheelchair!

What I forget to mention is: I lost my mom when I had 14 years and my dad passed away in 2012 😭

God bless you all! 

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