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I desperately need your help!

I desperately need your help!

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Dear reader!

I'm a beginner / intermediate artist and I've been learning, practicing digital art in the past 3 years. Ever since I've started it became my most favorite hobby, and later a true passion. I've met a lot of inspirational and good people trough the journey and it changed my everyday life significantly. It helped me to reduce my anxiety, made me to reach and contact with amazing individuals and gave a lot of self-confidence when I was making christmas or anniversary presents (in art) for their loved ones. But, I'm here because it's been some months since my old iPad Air was shattered in an accidenty by a grandparent. Ever since then I'm trying to save up money or find a way to replace my broken device but due to the current financials and inflation it seems impossible. I have a full time job but it's a struggle. I've also started to donate blood plasma to have a chance for a slight saving not to mention it helps a lot of folks out there with the medicines made out of it. In reality that few bucks are going for food and rent as well...

I know that this is an insanely hard period for many other's as well, but I really REALLY want to keep doing what I've fell in love with a few years ago and keep on learning, practicing it. Please!

If you can and would support my journey even with a dime, I'd be forever grateful! Also I'd happily make any desired art or project for the top supporters!

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