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Bank mortgage execution

Bank mortgage execution

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Mental and Economic Support and Recovery Center

Because it's important to have a place to recover from a setback in life and be able to start again. With a good bed, people to cheer you up, decent food and security to express your emotions. Especially in a foreign country.

I want to create the Mental and Economic Support and Recovery Center for those affected by the global inflation crisis, if this Vakinha works.

Hello, I'm Adriel Oliveira.

I'm a nice Brazilian, at least I believe in my friends and family. I am a solo father of the healthy and smart 4-year-old boy in the photo, I am a former employee of Banco do Brasil, an adventurer, I love languages, history, mushrooms, I am an entrepreneur and inventor. Being on the autism spectrum has always made me see and perceive the world in a slightly peculiar way.

Since my early entry into university and the bank, I learned that, coming from a humble family, only education and good work would give me chances of a better future. It's what I learned from my family, it's what I teach my son and it's what I write and teach about. I work developing circular economy projects and in partnership with PUC in Brazil, Mushspresso, a functional coffee with mushrooms that are good for your body. I'm speaking to you from Portugal, because the government of that country invited me to implement work here in 2019.


I bring up a curious case, as apparently European banks, as well as Brazilian ones, made exorbitant profits during the pandemic and still cannot sustain themselves with what they already have.

Look at this thing:

With a lot of effort, even before the pandemic started, I managed to finance a house to carry out the project for which the Portuguese government invited me to develop here, in a program called Startup Visa.

There's a lot about this on my LinkedIn. I thought about my safety as a foreign citizen and also about the safety of my son, a newborn at the time. Look at the daily newspapers of the millions of homeless and underserved people. Time passed, the project went through a terrible fraud that compromised the entire development. There was even an article published in O Globo, a botched insolvency, management mutiny, an immense loss. It turns out that this year things got so tight that I put my house up for sale, and this is the house that allows me to continue working with courses, workshops and consultancies, and website and business development for other immigrants and new entrepreneurs. It is this property that guarantees shelter and housing for me and my son.

THE MILLENNIUM PROBLEM (a bank in Portugal, the largest of them)

But, as I said, banks in Portugal, as well as in the rest of the world, had to raise interest rates, become more aggressive with debtors and did not open a negotiation window for me to reschedule the financing.

Finally, now, after 3 years of suffering and instability, daily fear of being homeless, psoriasis, illegal detentions and xenophobia, I finally have a horizon of decent work and conditions to leave things in order and move on with my life, despite There is still an investigation process, but as I am innocent, I am not afraid of that. I'm afraid of arbitrary actions, of things done badly, of people who took advantage of my good faith, like the lawyer who created this disorder through premeditated and combined negligence with other former employees. Seriously, these people's minds are more clumsy than a Mexican soap opera. As my intention is not to owe anything to anyone and understanding that the bank must need the house much more than I do, as I live in it with my son and it is my breadwinner, I put -it's for sale and I'm creating this crowdfunding so that you, my friends, can help me get Banco Millennium to overcome the crisis.WHAT DO I NEED TO SOLVE IT?The millennium bank needs 80 thousand euros to be able to release my house from mortgage debt and a foreclosure caused by that riot I mentioned before. My house is valued at 93,500 euros by the same bank. So, if I can get that amount in the crowdfunding, it will be extraordinary. I made several improvements to the house, affectionately called Shimehouse. Today, as I said, it is a comfortable home, where I can receive my students, clients, family and friends, have mental health, continue my projects and provide stability for my son to grow. So, I thought it would be good to combine the useful with the pleasant, to resolve the depressing situation at Millennium, my experience as a foreign citizen neglected by the State and in the grip of the crisis.

Like you who decided to read this far, if we manage to sell it for what the house is worth, which is 110 thousand euros (According to REMAX real estate agency), with the excess value I will transform the house into a space for mental and economic recovery and support for victims of the financial and real estate crisis for Brazilians, Portuguese immigrants and businesspeople in Portugal who are going through a similar disorder and are losing their homes, jobs and dreams due to the greed of private banks. businesspeople in Portugal who are going through a similar disorder I'm passing through and are losing their homes, jobs and dreams due to the greed of private banks.

 With this presentation, I hope this story catches your attention, that you share it with more people and friends, mainly to reflect on how the system is made to go wrong and harm those who are on the fragile side of the economy and really work, for survival, for dreams, for change. So since no is already guaranteed, it's worth trying something here. 

At least we can become fighting friends. After all, if Bolsonaro got 14 million reais by lying to people, I imagine in my ignorance or naivety that 600,000 reais for my real life story should be enough for you to give me some help right now. me, for the puppy and… for Banco Millennium, you know, it needs it more than us. It's enough... how bad he is (Millennium bank), seriously, how sorry I am... I feel as sorry as that old man, Jorge Paulo Lemann, from the Americans... In any case, the humor and joy for life You can't stop and thank you for reading. If you liked the writing style, there's more about everything I'm talking about in the useful links.

Thanks a lot for your attention ,

Adriel Oliveira - Alcaide - Portugal


 If you liked this text, please feel free to get in touch. I need to raise 85 thousand euros in 13 days to prevent these bastards from foreclosing the house and injustice wins. If you don't need the money, it will help me a lot (and Millennium too). We will remain good friends, the house will always be open for you and your friends, and we will help more people to avoid going through this and we will demand that the banks be ashamed and return the profits from Covid and high interest rates. Help me with my fundraising, when you come to Portugal you will always have a free place to stay.


 The Mushspresso project I work on today: Shimehouse - The house to make the center if this problem is resolved

 The article in O Globo about the fraud: html The hell this brought into my life:

 My Whatsapp: +34634089606

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