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Helping my brothers with no mum

Helping my brothers with no mum

Na čo budete dnes zbierať finančné prostriedky?
*Suma vyjadrená v eurách na základe váženého priemeru darovaných prostriedkov vo všetkých menách. Ďalšie informácie nájdete aj na stránke


*I take a deep breath*

Hi! I'm Eby (24) a half nigerian, half hungarian living in Budapest... and I am seeking help for the first time in my life.

In the aftermath of losing my Mom recently ( to sickness), my life has become a tangled web of grief, responsibility, and unresolved pain.

 With my two younger brothers (aged 14 and 17) relying on me for emotional and somewhat financial support, the weight of this new role is overwhelming, especially when I struggle to support myself in general. Adding to the mix my new furry companion, a kitty who belonged to my Mom, now needs care as well!

But amidst the chaos, there's a glimmer of hope. I recognize the need for therapy to address not only our recent loss but also the toxicity and traumas we endured growing up. With the support of this community, I hope to heal, grow, and create a brighter future for my brothers and myself and for who ever tags along on our journey of life.

Thank you for reading my breif story. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for your help!

Zatiaľ nie je k dispozícii žiadny opis.

Zatiaľ nie je k dispozícii žiadny opis.


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