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School Fees for a boy with special needs who lost his dad

School Fees for a boy with special needs who lost his dad

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Hello good people,

Let me tell you our story. My name is Lucie and I am a single mom raising a child. My son's name is Liam, he is 11 years old and we live in Prague, Czech Republic. We lost my husband Dani (Liam's dad) four years ago to leukemia. Dani was an American, and he had his cancer treatment in the USA, so we went there with Liam to be with him for the final days. I married Dani just two weeks before he passed away. He was the love of my life. Liam was 7 years old by that time. After that, we moved back to Prague, Czech Republic, because I can earn a living here, working as a manager of custom marionettes production. I earn just enough to pay the bills and take care of Liam. Dani never had any official income in the Czech Republic (he was a musician and earned his living on tours in the US), so I cannot claim any financial support for me as a widow or for Liam. My family cannot support me financially, but my mother is a great granny to him, so I appreciate that. My father (Liam's granddad) is absent. So it's basically just Liam and I :-)

After we came back to the Czech Republic, Liam started 2nd grade and things went downward fairly quickly. After he suffered the trauma of losing his dad he developed a severe emotional disorder (I believe in the US it is classified as DMDD - in the Czech Republic we don't have that category yet) which led to constant anger outbursts and a deep depression. I started taking Liam to therapies right away and we attended several hospitalizations at psychiatric institutions. It's been the hardest three years of my life. Seeing your child suffer, being singled out from all activities with children, being attacked all the time, and grief... Liam was forced to change the school. The authorities suggested a school for children with special needs. We didn't have a choice, because Liam's outbursts were dangerous to other children and adults. The school was okay for those intense years because Liam was in a small collective and he had the assistance he needed. However, as he's getting older, his condition is also getting better and I am looking for a different school for him. Liam is a very smart, kind, and talented boy and I believe he deserves to attend a school where he will feel comfortable, and safe and won't be surrounded by children with much more severe mental disorders or children who come from very bad social circles. 90% of regular schools are full these days. Since the war in Ukraine started, we have had many refugees in the Czech Republic, and the public schools are packed with children, so it's almost impossible to find a different school for Liam. However, I found an option that I think is great for my son. It is a private school that is focused on art (Art is Liam's favorite activity), there is a small collective, and it has many good reviews from parents as well as students. It's more like a family environment type of school. This school charges 2850 USD (65.000 CZK) school fees per year. Liam starts the 6th grade in September, so it is four years ahead of him. I strongly believe he deserves a school where he'll be able to grow, study, and feel safe. I wish I was able to fund all that but as I mentioned above I do what I can to provide for him and it is not always easy with only one income.

I believe Liam should have a chance to overcome the tragedy of losing his dad and start a new chapter in a school that would suit his needs and support his talents.

I do appreciate every act of help or support. I still believe in humanity and people with good hearts. If it wasn't for Liam, I would never ask for support. I am simply fighting for my child's future. I am deeply grateful for any sign of kindness.

Thank you for reading our story. I am open to sharing more details, pictures, and stories we have been through.

With kind regards,

Lucie and Liam

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