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Knee Treatment

Knee Treatment

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Dear lovely people,

This is my first time fundraising for the reason of my health. Usually i am the one who donate, now time to ask 🫶

The story of my knee trauma:

My knee was broken in several places in June 2023 - anterior cruciate ligament totally cut, a couple of bone fractures, and meniscus fracture.

1 year of constant and repetitive pain, rehabilitation, lying down, operation, rehabilitation again, depression, etc.

Now finally i can walk - wonderful. But after 1.3 years i still have constant pain and patellofemoral arthrosis.

It means: I can't work a full day to get enough money, i can't dance (being a dancer), i have a risk of arthrosis progressing.

- Now i need 1500€ to make 3 sessions of  injections to help my knee keep working (PRP & Hyaluronic acid).

- Healthcare system in Spain just abandoned me. All MRI's i made with my own money, cause the appointment with a state doctor i'm still waiting for already 6 months.

Now i have no money at all, and the injections should be made as soon as possible (would be better 3 month ago to be honest).

It's always been hard for me to ask for help, but now i'm kinda desperate without the support of healthcare system, as a foreigner, .

1500€ is not a huge amount and every 5€ (a famous "cup of coffee") can be super helpful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Det er ingen beskrivelse ennå.

Det er ingen beskrivelse ennå.

Tilbud/auksjoner 3

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Art & Craft • Other
Digital Illustration (ready to print as a Poster)
I will send you by email an Illustration on your choice, you can print it as a Poster or put it in frame. Leave me your email, please :)
15 €
Beauty • Other
Tattoo for donation over 50€
I will make you a tattoo for the donation over 50 euros (the size and technique depends on the donated amount)
50 €
Art & Craft • Paintings
My Painting from the collection "Invisible" for donation over 300€
I will send you one of my Acrylic Painting for the donation over 300
300 €


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Ingen donasjoner ennå, vær den første til å donere!



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